Clicking on the links next to the photos will take you to easy-to-do tutorials. Some will take you to the Punky Princess Website* where I have created tutorials in a step-by-step 
Sugar Spun Nail Art

Saran Wrap/Cling Film Nail Art

Feather Effect Nail Art
Summer Tribal Nail Art                          

  Galaxy Nail Art

Splatter Effect Nail Art

Pastel Skittle Mani

 Cloud Mani
  Snowflake Nail Art
  DIY Leather Effect Nails
 Saint Patrick's Day Nail Art
  Saint George's Day Nail Art
 Snow Leopard Nail Art
 Studded Nails
Little Mix Nail Wraps

*I create tutorials for Punky Princess as a side to this blog. I have no monetary gain for this and simply do it because I enjoy it!*

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