Navy Abstract Nail Art

Hello readers!

Funny I painted my nails with this abstract nail art that I've done before, posted a teaser on Instagram and then set about to photograph them for your viewing pleasure. Only I couldn't do that because the other half had taken the laptop to work with my bloody memory card in it! Grr. Cue a million chips (not the tasty kind) later and I had to remove them before I could blog. 

So, I re-painted my nails and they haven't turned out quite as nice as the first time around, but I soldiered on and decided to post them anyway. 

Abstract Flower Nail Art

Abstract Flower Nail Art

I used Nina 'French White', Essie 'Midnight Cami', NYC 'Lexington Yellow' and OPI 'Kiss me on my Tulips'. The little gems were from ebay (if I remember rightly). 
I really love doing this abstract flower look but I haven't quite mastered it yet. I'll be trying them again I'm sure. My first attempt can be found here if you fancy a look.

At least my middle nail is finally looking half decent now :)



  1. Love it! I super like the color combos and the design. Its perfect for its theme. Great job and great choice indeed!


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