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Hello lovely readers!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday, whatever you got up to. I had a very special day yesterday; my fiance and I are expecting our first baby and yesterday we found out that we're going to have a girl. We couldn't be more excited :) I'm trying to stay calm on the shopping just in case she turns out to be a he!

Today I have some owl nail decals to show you that were sent to me by the VERY patient David at Moon Sugar Decals. He sent these soo long ago but with illness and Christmas in the way, I've only just gotten round to reviewing them!

Owl Nail Decals

Firstly, you're not seeing things...my hands have changed colour lol. I've put fake tan on and it's currently 'developing', so I'm a nice shade of tango right now. Onto the nail art... I used Rimmel 'Disco Fever', Nina 'French White' and Essie 'the Girls Are Out' for this look.

The nail decals come in a strip on a white backing but have a clear plastic background so you can place these on any colour base you want.

Owl Nail Decals

The idea is to cut out the decal, place in warm water and then slide off the design to place it on your nail. I found these pretty easy to use and recommend using tweezers to handle them. The only bug bear I have for these is that the plastic seemed to crease on my nail. I'm not sure if that's due to the curve of my nail or if I needed to keep them in the water for a little longer. I will use these again and report back.

There are so many cute designs to choose from and they offer free shipping for the US and a flat rate of $2.99 for international, not bad if you ask me. You can also have nail decals custom designed. Be sure to 'like' Moon Sugar Decals on Facebook to keep up to date with all their news.



  1. I have seen some nice decals in my time, but this is gorgeous! I heart owls :)


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