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So as you can see I have been busy updating my blog layout and have gotten rid of the naillovin redirect this weekend. What do you think of the new layout? I'd love your feedback.I'm kind of loving it at the minute but I'm sure there are a few things I've missed or bits that need tweaking. 

Today I have some swatches of a selection of Contrary Polishes that I bought an absolute age ago and completely forgot I'd swatched! I found them on my old memory card whilst searching for my new one (still lost!).

Anna Maria

Contrary Polish Anna Maria
A deep sea green jelly with green and gold shimmer throughout. This is 2 coats with topcoat, lovely.

Contrary Polish Santorini

A bright royal blue jelly with aqua shimmer throughout. This is actually slightly darker in real life but my camera struggled to pick it up. I bought this purely because I'm getting married in Santorini- a good enough reason I think! This is 3 coats with top coat.


Contrary Polish Aruba

Very similar to Anna Maria but lighter. I'd say it leans more towards a muted olive green. Look at that beautiful green shimmer. This is 3 coats with top coat.

Gift Wrap
Contrary Polish Gift Wrap

A warm purple jelly with blue and green shimmer. A really lovely polish, one of my favourites of the bunch. This is 2 coats with top coat.

Inky Fingers

Contrary Polish Inky Fingers

Oooh now this is my favourite! A deep aunbergine purple with green shimmer. This is one I would definitely wear again. You're seeing 2 coats with top coat.

What do you think of these? Are any calling your name?! You can buy these directly from Contrary Polish through the website or international suppliers, including Rainbow Connection for us UK girls.



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