Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pearls

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Hello readers! Happy New Year. 

I hope you all had a great one! Today I have a review of the Born Pretty Store Nail Pearls. 
The nail art pearls come in 3 different sizes and have a flat back so they sit nice and flush against your nail. I went for the smaller size #3. 

I started with OPI Texture nail polish in 'Emotions' and allowed to dry before adding the nail pearls. I used a top coat to get them to stick on but you could use nail glue if you want them to stay on a little longer. 

I found the pearls really easy to work with. They come in a tiny plastic bottle that's a little fiddly but is a really cute way to store them. I love how the pearls have this rainbow effect running through them too. 

The pearls are available from the Born Pretty Store website and you can still take advantage of the discount code to get 10% off your order. 



  1. Such a lovely design. The pearls look gorgeous with this polish :)


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