Born Pretty Store Flower Water Decals

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Hello lovely readers!

I hope you're well. I am 'suffering' from a severe case of 'I hate my nails' syndrome at the minute so I'm actually sporting much shorter nails at the minute and wearing a Gelish manicure to try and give them chance to grow. The manicure I'm showing you today was done a week or so ago, pre-nail breakage episode. 

Born Pretty Store Flower Decals

I was sent some flower decals by the Born Pretty Store. They came on a sheet of ten and after a bit of fiddling around they were quite simple to apply. I used a base coat of Barielle 'Allie's Lace Cover Up' and W7 'Gold Mirror' for the spots.

To apply the water decals I had to first cut out the flowers that I wanted to use, then I placed the decal in some lukewarm water until the white backing paper started to slide off. I then used some tweezers to place the decal over my dry nail polish and carefully flattened them down. I finished with a coat of top coat (which gave me a couple of bubbles grrr).

Born Pretty Store Flower Water Decals

I really didn't think I'd like these but do you know what? I do! I think they are a really nice way to spruce up an old mani and would work great if you have a few chips to hide. They're also great in themselves as a bit of an accent nail. For me, the only downside to these is that you have to cut them first, but that's probably because I'm really lazy!

You can get these particular decals here at the Born Pretty Store, I used pattern 1898. Don't forget to use the discount code too for an extra 10% off your order!



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