Fimo Cane Nail Art Review

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Hi lovely readers!

Today I have some fimo cane nail art to show provided by This review is long overdue! You know when life just gets in the way? Anyway, I'll crack on and show you the goods!

Fimo Nail Art 

I received a whole bunch of different fimo canes to play with and a blade to cut them with too. The fimo canes come in small rubber-like rods and can be cut to any thickness. The thinner the better for the use of nail art.

Fimo Nail Art
I chose the fruit fimos for today's review just because I thought they were really cute! Slicing them was quite easy and only took a few attempts to get the hang of it. I applied a top coat to my nail polish (Essie 'Mojito Madness') and used tweezers to place them where I wanted them. They stuck for a long time before I eventually peeled them off. 

I didn't think fimo canes would be something I'd ever wear but I actually really liked these! They'd be great to use as an accent or to create some nail art for fancy dress. I would warn you though, if you're of the nose-picking variety you may experience some scratching of the nostril area (just saying of course). If you prefer the pre-cut canes, Tmart also sell them too!

You can purchase all sorts of nail art decorations from and they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Holla!! Use the coupon 'BEAUTY' to recieve 10% off all health and beauty products (offer ends 30th September 2013) and the coupon code 'SUMMER' for an additional 5% discount (only valid until 31st August 2013 so be quick!).

What do you think? Would you ever wear something like this?



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