Emerald Spray Water Marble Nail Art


So apparently I completely missed my one year blogiversary! WHHHATTT!? I can't believe I've been blogging a year already. It's crazy times. Thank you all for reading and following and commenting...I really do appreciate it. You guys make me feel all squishy and special :) 

My blogiversary was actually on the 21st and I did post that day...but it completely slipped my mind, even after discussing it with my fellow British bloggers a few weeks back *face palm*.

Anyway. Today I have a green version of the spray water marble nail art I did not long ago. I did this for a tutorial post that should be going up this week (keep your eyes on the tutorial tab up there) but thought you lovely folk might want to have a looky too.

Spray Water Marble Nail Art

I used Barry M Emerald Green, Collection Blackjack and A-England Holy Grail. 

Spray Water Marble Nail Art

Yeah, you're gonna see lots more of these...sorry, not sorry.

Laters taters!!!



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