Born Pretty Store Mood Changing Polish

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Today I have a 'mood changing' nail polish from the Born Pretty Store. We all know BPS for their huge selection of nail art products and they have recently started to stock more nail polish. The 'mood changing' nail polish is essentially a temperature-reactive nail polish; one colour when hot (or +33 degrees) and fading to a different colour when cold (-33 degrees).

Born Pretty Store Mood Changing Polish 

I was sent #4 Violet. I would say this is more of a pink than violet but we'll let that slide. Application of this started off a little streaky but 3 coats later it all evened out lovely. It dried a little 'crackly' at first but I found adding a topcoat of Seche Vite sorted that out and didn't affect the colour changing aspect of the polish. The polish was a little on the thicker side too but this didn't give me any issues applying.

BPS Mood Changing Polish
This is my first foray into the world of thermal polish and I must say I'm impressed! The polish starts off as a lovely baby pink then as it dries and settles to your body temperature, the colour shifts to either a very pale pink/almost white if you're hot (stuff) or stays at the darker baby pink if you're cold.

I found it a little difficult to catch the transition naturally so I dipped my fingers into cold water and then into hot water (as you do) so you can see the change. The colour changes instantly.

BPS Mood Changing Polish

BPS Mood Changing Polish
If you have longer nails, you'll get a lovely gradient effect with this polish. Unfortunately I only have a couple of nails that are over my free edge enough to see a darker tip naturally (mainly my thumbs that grow like weeds!). 

I really enjoyed this polish! I found myself putting my hand on cold drinks then sitting on them (my hands, not the drinks) just to see the change haha. I would love to try other colours! 

You can purchase this polish as well as all your nail art needs from the Born Pretty Store.
This link will take you directly to the polish I used here. 

And of course, here is a discount code for all you lovely readers to use which will get you a nice 10% discount!



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