Spa Ritual Swatches, Review and Nail Art

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Today I have 2 polishes from Spa Ritual. I was over the moon when I was asked to review these as I've been wanting to try Spa Ritual for a long time. They are a Vegan, eco-friendly brand with some stunning polishes in their collections. I was sent Dreamsicle and Crystal Waters.

Crystal Waters.
Crystal Waters is an aqua blue with a metallic, shimmer finish. This really does scream 'crystal clear water'. It took 3 coats to become opaque as the formula was a little on the watery side, but application was really good. It built up nicely and dried with a gorgeous shine. You're seeing this without top coat.


Dreamsicle is a bright pink neon jelly. This was on the sheer side and took 3 coats to build up, it could probably have done with another coat to be honest. This dried with a glossy finish unlike most neons which I loved. I actually thought it was still wet it looked so glossy! As always with neons, my camera hated it. I tried to colour correct as best I could but as it leans a little orange in real life my camera just washed the pink out entirely, hence my weird hand colour here!

I fancied myself some nail art with these polishes too and attempted my first ever dripping nails effect. My camera went bonkers! Can you see the orange glow around the pink? 

Apart from camera issues and having to apply multiple coats, I really like both of these polishes. They were so far from anything I would ever choose myself (I asked for a surprise to be delivered) so are definitely unique in my collection. 

Spa Ritual is available from NSI and the Spa Ritual website.

What do you think? Have you tried Spa Ritual? 


  1. Wow, your first attempt at drip nails is fantastic! Great job :)

  2. Wow, I LOVE Crystal Waters! Amazing blue!!!

  3. I haven't tried this brand but I love that neon colour, it's gorgeous.

  4. i havent tried it but heck that crystal waters is gorgeous!


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