Random Orly Swatches

Hello readers!

Happy Hump Day, the weekend is on it's way! I have some random Orly swatches for you today (as the title of this post suggests) that haven't really found their way into the blog yet. I do have a few more to add at a later date but these 4 will do for now!

After Party.
Orly After Party

After party is a gorgeous black polish packed with so much shimmer my little brain couldn't quite handle it! There's pink, blue and purple in there at least. It's just stunning. This dries a little on the matte side so I added top coat. Application was easy, needing just 2 coats, although the formula was a little on the thick side. 

Miss Conduct.
Orly Miss Conduct

Miss Conduct is a beautiful magenta pink packed with scattered, holographic glitter. This again was perfect in application and only needed 2 coats, however you're seeing this with 3 coats as I nudged a nail when applying it. I also added top coat to this.

Royal Navy.
Orly Royal Navy

Royal Navy is a beautiful royal blue with a strong aqua shimmer. Shimmer=sold! Love love love this! It applied perfectly in 2 coats, topped with top coat. I love how 'deep' this polish looks. 

Orly Unlawful

Unlawful is a classic pillar box red. It's a little darker than my photo suggests (damn camera). This went on like butter in 2 coats. If you like your reds then this is a great addition to your collection. I didn't add top coat to this as it dried quite glossy, but top coat will definitely help it stop looking so 'flat'.

I'm so impressed with Orly so far, I'll definitely be adding to my collection when I can. My picks are Royal Navy and After Party. 

What do you think? Do you have any favourite Orlys that I need?!


  1. Beautiful swatches!! My favorite has to be miss conduct but I have such a soft spot for pinks anyways lol! You're nails are so gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh! And my favorite Orly right now is Sparkling Garbage... You totally need it! It's kind of like miss conduct but in a mint/teal/green. It's awesome!

    1. Haha I have sparkling garbage! It will be in the next swatches :)

  3. Every time I see Miss Conduct swatched I want it!! I have 3 Orlys - R.I.P, La Vida Loca, and Embrace - I love all 3 :)

    1. You need it!! I'll look up these ones..always on the hunt for more :)


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