Pink Sapphire

Hello lovelies!!

Wow, I really didn't mean to be away for a week. The sun came out (and is still going strong) and I've just not found it in me to miss any of it! I managed to find a few spare minutes to paint my nails last night though and came up with this.

Honestly, this really isn't what I was thinking of when I started to paint my nails. I fancied pink but something with an accent that wouldn't take too long...I wish I'd taken a bit longer lol. Not feeling this one bit.

I used OPI 'Kiss Me on My Tulips' then OPI 'Alpine Snow' and a coat of Barry M 'Pink Sapphire' over that. I didn't even add a top coat to this as it came straight off. I feel I can show this glitter off much better than this so I will probably do a Barry M glitter post at some point. They really are great quality and I often overlook them. 

It really irks me (haha I love that word) when I do a bad mani...oh well, we soldier on!



  1. I really like this one!

  2. I love this it's so pretty. xx


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