Sinful Colors Swatches and Review

Hello lovely readers!

So today I was hoping to give you some nail art but my nails decided to break on me so I went in a huff..instead I give you some lovely Sinful Colors swatches!

This is quite picture heavy so I'll just get straight to it. No base coat or top coats were used here. 

Folly is a gorgeous raspberry pink cream. This was almost a one coater! Perfect formula and application. This is one I can see myself wearing a lot.


Cinderella is a gorgeous baby blue crelly with tiny pink flakies and a subtle shimmer. This is the kind of blue I imagine when Cinderella comes to mind. This was thick and a little difficult to apply. It took 3 coats for opacity. I recommend waiting until the previous coat is dry before adding the next to avoid dragging.


Kissy is a teal green jelly with a micro gold flakes and a subtle duochrome finish. This is gorgeous and has so much depth. I applied 2 coats here, you may want three for longer nails.

Mint Apple.

Mint Apple is a mint green cream with a gorgeous shimmer running through it. It's a little darker than these photos suggest, I had a difficult time photographing most of these polishes to be honest! This is 2 coats here and I found it best to let the first coat dry and then apply the second coat with a light touch to avoid bald patches. 


Savage is a bright blue cream with a matte finish. This one also looks great with top coat for a shiny finish. This was almost a one coater but I applied 2 just to be sure. This is a stainer, so make sure to wear base coat.

Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine is another cream with a matte finish. This has the added extra of a subtle shimmer which I love. Seriously, pass me a bottle with shimmer in it and I'm sold...I want all the shimmers!! The formula was great again for this, a little thick but I liked it. I applied 2 coats. This one is comparable to Color Club Wild Child, I had a little trouble with photographing this one too.

Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth is another gorgeous cream/shimmer finish. I love a good pastel and this applied fairly well. It needed 2 coats and again, was best applied by leaving the first coat to dry a little. I only wish this suited my skin tone more! I'm just not a lilac kinda gal.

I do own Let's Talk as well but I could not get my camera to sort its colour correction out hence why you're not seeing it here. My camera wanted it to be blue rather than the gorgeous purple it is...I recommend searching a swatch of that one!

I'm really impressed with Sinful Colors overall. I'm so happy they're available to us UK ladies now, as £1.99 a bottle is just brilliant value (or free if you use Boots points like my good self!). The effort it takes not to grab a bottle every time I walk past the stand is unreal..I swear it has some magical gravitational pull lol (thats' my excuse anyway.)

Whatcha thinking? Likey? Have you tried Sinful Colors yet? If not, why!?



  1. Yay! I just bought Cinderella tonight and it's already on my nails. Great swatches! Thanks for the photos, I think I'll go back and get Mint Apple tomorrow :)

  2. Folly and Savage are gorgeous, I love the formula of SC polish, great swatches.

  3. Wow love the swatches! Sweet tooth and Cinderella were added to my wishlist right now :D


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