Orange and Blue Textured Nail Art

Hello lovelies!

Happy weekend! Have you anything planned? I'm off out for a meal with my dad tonight so I thought I'd get my nails did (by me obvs). I nipped to town earlier today and two Revlons found their way into my life (through legit means by the way). I've been moaning all over twitter recently that I want a decent pale blue polish and I don't have enough oranges in my collection so I fixed that today! 

I've gone a little texture crazy.

I used Revlon Siren (orange) Revlon Dreamer (blue) and Jindie Nails Honey Blue Blue on my pinky. The orange is a little more coral in real life so isn't as in.your.face. as this looks lol.

Unfortunately the only gold studs I have are the world's smallest so they kind of get swallowed up here. But they're still cute. I love the drip texture effect (what's it actually called?!), this is the second time I've tried it and I think it's gonna be a favourite of mine now.

I'm off out soon and my hair is literally wrapped in a towel as I type so I better bust a move and keep this short!! 

Laters Dudes.


  1. Sugar spun or spun sugar nails I've heard it be called x


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