Nina Ultra Pro Swatches and Review

Hello chickens!

How are we? Monday is done and dusted..whooop! Today I have some swatches from the Nina ultra Pro Salon range. I came across these in my local Sally's and as they were so cheap I grabbed a few...and I was pleasantly surprised!

Each swatch shows 2 coats of polish, no top coat and no base coat (naughty I know, we'll get to that!). Being a salon brand, the brushes for these are humongous, if you have slim nail beds you may struggle applying these. The brushes are curved though which I like as they sit snug at your cuticle, unlike an OPI brush which are more squared (and a pain in the proverbial if you ask me).

Hello Sailor.

Hello Sailor is a deep navy blue with a slight purple shimmer. The shimmer doesn't really show on the nail as well as in the bottle. I love this, it looks sophisticated and dries really shiny. This is a stainer though so beware! Make sure to wear base coat if you wanna stay so fresh and so clean clean (yes I did).

Last Call.

Oh mother of all things good, this is da bomb diggidy bomb! I just fell in love with this as soon as I applied it. The gold shimmer flashing through makes this other wise ordinary purple polish come to life. Yes pleeeease. I did get a duff brush with this, which made application a little messy...always check your brushes!


Sangria is a vampy, deep, kind of metallic red. This one lives in the same family as A-England Perceval I reckon. The formula of this was a little on the watery side, which lead it to bleed into my cuticles and it did stain a little - again base coat this one up. This is a great red for anyone's collection.

French Ivory.

French Ivory is a sheer ivory cream polish, perfect for a french manicure or a jelly sandwich, which we all prefer in this world :P This one shows up imperfections such as staining (I really need to get that sorted) so if you have less than perfect nails, you will probably want to wear 3 coats of this. I don't know why my hands look so wrinkly in this photo! Maybe I was cold for this swatch lol. My poor old lady hands.

Purple Xing.

Purple Xing is a gorgeous glitter packed, bright, metallic purple. There is a lot going on in this bottle! Holographic glitter is a plenty (which I barely noticed in the store!). The glitters are all fairly small meaning every inch of your nail is covered and the payoff per coat is great. Can you tell I love this!? It really surprised me and this one is definitely one I'll be wearing again. 

Overall I'm really impressed with the Nina Ultra Pro range and I'll definitely be investing in more. What do you think? Have you experienced this brand before?


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  1. Oh bloody hell thwt purple is perfect!!

    1. I know!! I'm in a bit of lust with it haha :)

  2. Purple Xing is amazing!! Absolutely stunning. I've never heard of this brand x

    1. If you come across it I'd recommend trying it!It's around £3-£4 a bottle which isn't bad at all!And yes Purple Xing is gorgeous :)

  3. I always wondered if Purple Xing was as good on the nail as it looked in the bottle and it appears it is. I really like the Nina Super Dry top coat as it has the double brush, is quite a bit cheaper than other quick dry top coats and works just as well as the more expensive brands. I like the pretty rounded bottles too.


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