Monochrome Nail Art Fail

Hello lovely readers!

Today I have a monochrome nail art look that didn't quite turn out how I wanted. We all have bad nail art days...this was one of mine *sad face*.

I used OPI 'My Vampire is Buff' (I'm gonna need back ups of this), W7 'Cosmic Black' and W7 'Black'. The circle glitters are from Born Pretty Store and the chevron stamp is Bundle Monster plate BM-201.

Where do I start on the epic failure of this?! The stamping is wonky (argh!! I hate wonky stamping!) the circle glitter placement looks like a 2 year old attempted it (I love the glitters themselves by the way). I wish I'd just used one stud on my pinky, but hey ho! You win some, you lose some.
I love the W7 Cosmic Black. This is 2 coats and is gorgeously sparkly in the realio life! W7 never fails to impress me.  

If at first you don't succeed and all that jazz...I will not be beaten by this, you hear me!?

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Maybe I should have mentioned this on a better nail art post lol.



  1. I think this looks really great actually, I don't notice the imperfection. I think the stamping and pinky nail both look great. I agree with needing a backup of My Vampire is Buff...I love that polish!

  2. MVIB is one of my ultimate wishlist polishes after seeing how versatile it is! Gorgeous. This is so not a fail, by the way.


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