Models Own Swatches and Review

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Hello lovely readers!

Today I have some Models Own polishes to show you that were provided by the lovely people at Littlewoods. You may notice that I have shown a couple of these in the past, but as these were sent to me I figured there'd be no harm in showing them again and I'm glad I have as I've found a new love for these!

More photos after the jump!

All swatches are without base coat and top coat.

Gold Rush.

Gold Rush is a yellow toned metallic gold. Let me start off by saying gold is not my colour, however I actually like this and I think it would look great with some stamping over it! This went on quite sheer at first but built up to be opaque in 3 coats. 

Golden Green.

Golden Green is a metallic pale pea green with a shimmer of gold. When I see this in the bottle I feel like this should be a stronger duochrome but sadly it doesn't translate onto the nail. This was 3 coats. 

Pinky Brown.

Pinky Brown is a brown to purple/pink duochrome with a metallic finish. This is one I've previously swatched and I'm glad I've tried it again as I really like this second time around. I remember not being overly excited last time I tried it! This is 2 coats but could probably have done with 3. 

Copper Pot.

Copper Pot is a orange toned gold, more of a shimmer than a metallic finish. I struggled to capture any of the duochrome once this was on the nail and it was difficult to see in the bottle too. This applied very similar to Gold Rush and was opaque in 3 coats. I do like this polish but I just wish the green/bronze shift was more apparent.

Emerald Black.

Oh lordy, I forgot how much I love this polish! Perfect deep emerald green that looks almost black in some lights, with a green and blue shimmer. This went on perfectly in 2 coats. Not so much a duochrome but more of a colour shift dependent on the light. 

You can purchase Models Own from Littlewoods Online. They also sell a ton of other nail care products too, so it's worth a look! 



  1. I didn't know Littlewoods sold polish! Love all of these on you, even Golden Green ;) x

    1. Well now you do! Haha, yeah they sell quite a few nail polishes! Always good to find more stockists for us addicts :P


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