Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?


Today's nail art (if you haven't guessed already) is inspired by the new Superman, Man of Steel film. We are off to watch the film on Friday night and my Fiance wanted me to do Superman nails. He's been requesting these for absolutely ages (he's ever so slightly obsessed with Superman) so I figured now would be a good time to! 

More photos after the jump!

This is another photo heavy post! 
I used A-England 'Tristam', W7 'Graphite', W7 'Gold Mirror' and Sinful Colors 'Queen of Beauty'. The Superman logo was done using a red nail art brush from Color Club. 

I'm liking these! I had to practice a few times to get the logo right but I'm happy with how they turned out. I'm loving the look of the new film, it looks so dark! I'm just hoping it's as good as it looks. Least of all because we're watching it in 3D which costs a small fortune...not to mention the serious fashion fail wearing the dodgy glasses. The things you do for love!

One more for good luck :P Ah Tristam you beauty.

P.S. I used this photo for inspiration!



  1. Very cool! I am seeing superman on Saturday :)

  2. I don't wear Tristam nearly enough, it's stunning. I'm not quite as excited about Superman as everyone else seems to be but I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  3. Haha I saw it as soon as it came out! It was a bit too long time wise but overall as awesome as your nails ;)


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