Perfect Plum Nail Art

Hello lovely jubblies!

I hope you're well. We're in the middle of re-decorating our house at the minute but I've found time to do a spot of nail art. And when I say 'we're decorating' I actually mean I'm watching the other half decorate, whilst occasionally passing him a beer....I'm nice like that. I did attempt to paint a door but made a bit of a crap job of it and dropped the paint brush on the door's just not a job I should be doing, clearly.

Anyway, onto the important stuff!

I used China Glaze 'Perfect Plum', H&M 'Miss Stone Heart' and W7 White. I was only going to wear Perfect Plum today but I had a mahoosive urge to get the striping tape and dotting tool out. Unfortunately my top coat, Essence Better than Gel Nails, ruined my nail art a bit. I even waited until the dots were completely dry and it still dragged the colours....grrrr, damn you Essence!

Other than the top coat issues, I really like this mani and I'm even wearing it on both hands! I've gotten into the habit of matching my hands recently, so all's good in the hood (yes I just said that). The whole 'ignoring my left hand' business until my nails grow is doing my non-dominant nail art skills wonders! (That was a mouthful).

Also, off topic, I'm using my 'new' camera at the minute. I bought it months ago but really can't get my head around the settings. I feel like my photos just aren't up to it. If anyone has any tips on how to use a Fuji S4200 Bridge Camera, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Laters Loves


  1. Very pretty - definitely stick to just painting nails lol.

  2. Such a pretty mani! really love the colours you've chosen x

  3. Your dots look unreal! Gorgeous, especially when you used your non-dominant hand, I'd never be able to do art that good with my left hand! x

    1. Thank you duck! It's taken a lot of practice to be steady with my non dominant hand, still a long way to go yet! Practice makes perfect! :) x


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