Saint George's Day Nail Art

Hello lovely readers!

Happy Saint George's Day! What with me being English and all I felt it only fitting to get some Saint George inspired nail art rocking. I had to keep it really simple tonight as this is my right hand, so my non-dominant hand had to do the work (my lefty still isn't up to being photographed).

I attempted to do some 'dragon scales' on my middle finger but it kind of went a mess...oh well lol. You win some you lose some!
I used NYC 'Penn Station' (red), W7 'White' (err yeah the white) and a-England 'Saint George' (the green and VERY fitting). 

It's a shame Saint George's Day is ignored on the whole, he sounded like a pretty cool ordinary Joe Blogg goes around slaying Dragons! I'll be having a glass of wine to celebrate anyway (it'd be rude not to). You can read more about Saint George here.

Laters loves!

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