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Hello lovely readers!

I was looking through my list of 'manis to do' and realised that quite a few are inspired by some awesome bloggers and figured I should just do an 'inspired by' post. Today's post is inspired by the amazing Amy Grace at The Polished Perfectionist. Her work is absolute per.fec.tion. I am in utter awe every time I read her blog and her manicures are just beautiful. Here's my version of her pastel skittle nails.

*whoops, forgot the last photo!

I used Barry M polishes in Blue Moon, Mint Green and Berry Ice Cream, then did a glitter gradient and accent nail using NYC Big City Dazzle. I love this manicure. The NYC glitter was a complete accident as I really didn't think it would work...turns out it did! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend chicks


  1. That's so gorgeous! I'm going to nick this idea sometime soon x

  2. I love how delicate the glitter is. Like fairy dust.

    1. It's reet pretty! Doesn't look anything in the bottle, much prettier on :)


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