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Hello there!

How do? Today I have some nail polish by designer Cynthia Rowley. I'm not going to pretend I know who Cynthia Rowley is, but word on the street (Google) tells me she's a pretty awesome designer and has also worked with Zoya so happy days. I found two duo sets in TKMaxx and only bought them because they were CHEAP and also I don't have any colours like these. Win win.

Unfortunately the bottles don't have any names or shade numbers on them so I'm going to call them as they are. 

First up, 'purple'!

This was really pigmented when applying but took two coats for full coverage. It dried to a sort of rubbery, matte finish but I didn't like it so I topped it off with Essence Better than Gel Nails top coat. I really like this shade of purple, it kind of feels like a purple felt tip you'd get at school but I didn't like the finish on this. I felt like you could see every last imperfection on my nails so I recommend a ridge filling base coat with it.

Next up is what I like to call 'green'. 

Creepy yellow hands!

This covered in two coats and I decided not to finish with a top coat on this as I really liked the rubbery finish. This is kind of a half way point between neon and get me? This one also showed up every imperfection I have so again, ridge fill those puppies! 

Next is erm 'pinky red shimmer'.

I really like this one, it's very Christmassy though so I'm not sure I'd wear it right now. It covered in 2 coats and finished glossy so I didn't bother with a top coat. This one is kind of a pinky red and I love the silver shimmer/flakiness going on too. Man I'm rubbish at describing polish!!

Onto to last NIGHTMARE-to-photograph polish, 'neon pink'.

I had to take these photos with my iPhone as my camera would NOT pick up a hint of the colour. The colour still isn't right but I figured I'd include it anyway (sorry, bad blogger behaviour). The bottle photo above is probably as close as I could get to the actual shade. This is so unbelievably neon in real life. It has an orange undertone to it. Grrrr! I so wish you could see this colour! Sorry :( Anyway, I applied 3 coats of this for full opacity and it dried to a rubbery finish which I liked! 

And that's it! Random I know.
Laters beauts.


  1. As soon as I saw the neon pink I just knew that one was hard to capture they're all pretty shades though. Think I need to check out my local Tkmaxx to see what I can find there. People say they manage to find some cheap goodies but it's been years since I walked into one of their stores/

    1. It's definitely worth a nosy! You can get some great bargains but need to keep looking as sometimes there's nothing for weeks. :)x


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