China Glaze Call of the Wild plus Spectraflair Top Coat

Hello lovely readers.

Today I have a simple NOTD for you. I managed to grab a few China Glaze polishes in the sale at Sally's last month and I've just got around to trying a few of them out. Today I decided to go with 'Call of the Wild' from the On Safari Collection. 

Call of the Wild is a beautiful deep mahogany brown. It looks so 'sophisticated' on it's own and I really wish I'd put a clear top coat over it just to show you how smooth and shiny it looks in real life. Brown isn't usually a colour I'd go for but I really love it!

I've had a little pot of spectraflair in my helmer for a while now and have tried a few different combos and tried adding it to both bottles of polish and top coats. For me, it seems to work best as a top coat and so I used it as such over Call of the Wild! I added 2 coats of my spectraflair top coat over two coats of Call of the Wild and here's the result.

Natural Day Light

Artificial Light

Ah just look at that!! I was just about to take photos of this the sunshine and it disappeared (typical) so you're seeing this in overcast daylight and artificial light. Trust me, it's even better in the sunshine as you can't see as much of the greyness, if that makes sense? 

Now I'm off to stare at my nails for the rest of the day! 
Enjoy your week.



  1. Stunning love the browns. Where did you buy the spectraflair and how do you use it? :)

    1. Thank you. I bought the spectraflair off Etsy (I can't remember the seller unfortunately) but you just add a tiny amount to a bottle of top coat and give it a good shake! Just apply it over any colour you like :)


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