Nail Pattern Boldness - Slow Invasion and Oodiful

Hello there my lovelies, 

I hope you're all having a great weekend. I have Nail Pattern Boldness 'Slow Invasion' and 'Oodiful' to show you tonight. These are from the Time Traveller's Collection, inspired by Doctor Who. Doctor Who is completely lost on me, I've seen one episode of it, but I can still appreciate the polishes for themselves!

Oodiful is a light grey jellyish formula with white and pink matte glitter of various sizes. I love the pink squares that pop up every now and again with this. This is 3 coats alone with topcoat of Essence Better than Gel Nails.
I love how this looks on the nail just as much as I love it in the bottle. The only bad thing about this is the sparsity of the glitter, I really wish there was more! On my first coat I didn't get a single smidgen of the good stuff so I had to give the bottle a really good shake up to get it moving. I do love how you can see the layers of glitter build up though, especially on the photo above, sexy.

Slow Invasion

Slow Invasion
 Slow invasion is a teal jelly packed full of glitter of all colours and sizes. My camera made this look a little too blue when it leans more towards green in real life.This is again 3 coats alone with a top coat of Essence Better than Gel Nails.
Slow Invasion

I can't quite decide how I feel about this one. I love how it looks on the photos but when I was wearing it I just wasn't feeling it...I don't know why. I think maybe I need to layer this  to make it more opaque. I do love how much glitter is packed onto each nail though, in fact there was so much on my middle finger some were trying to escape! 

You can purchase Nail Pattern Boldness from: 
Allison's Etsy shop - link 
Llarowe - link

I have my beady eyes on 'A Good Man Goes to War' and 'Bigger on the Inside' next, muahaha!



  1. Oodiful is the one for me but I agree. Wish the glitters weren't so sparse. Pink and grey is a nice colour combination so it'd be nice to see a bit more of the glitters on the nail.


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