Introducing the Awkward Right Hand and the Tale of the Suicidal iPhone

Hello lovely readers,

How have you all been? Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently I've been having a right 'mare. Well not really, but in the land of me it's been iPhone has died. Waaa! Here's what happened...

Disclaimer-I'm not actually this dramatic in real life, ahem.

Last week I was sat on the couch having a nice glass of wine, thinking of all the wonderful things in life, when out of nowhere a gust of wind blew my iPhone into my full glass of Zinfandel. It was like a slow motion scene. I panicked for a second but my quick thinking other half grabbed it and chucked it in a bowl of rice-all was well. The next day my phone was back on and giving me more happiness than ever. I felt at peace with the world.

Then on Sunday I decided to do a spot of cleaning (being the good 'housewife' I am). I poured bleach down the loo, turned around to leave the bathroom and my phone FLEW out of my pocket and into the toilet! I quickly grabbed it, wiped it down and put it into rice. However, I made a vital mistake. I turned the phone off then back on again to check if it was still alive. This seemed to anger it somehow and now it's a goner. No amount of charging, restoring or singing sweet songs to it will bring it back to life. It seems the mixture of wine, bleach and good ol' H2O were just too much. So now I'm stuck with an old blackberry that won't connect to mobile internet and doesn't have about first world problems.

To add to that nightmare, my ring finger on my left hand ripped right down leaving me with a painful nubbin. So today you meet my Awkward Right Hand.

I used Nails Inc Leather Effect on my middle and ring finger with a pale green gem added on for good measure. My index and pinky are a-England Dragon. This is seriously as exciting as nail art gets on my right hand, I have zero coordination to do anything else. I'm actually laughing out loud at how ridiculously awkward my hand pose is! This was so difficult to do lol.

Oh how we laugh. I hope you guys have had a better start to the week. In the grand scheme of things, my phone breaking really isn't a big deal, but it makes for a fun-to-write post! 

Moral of the story? Let other people clean the house :)


  1. I like the "let other people do the housework". Although, I have tried it, and all it means is that nothing gets done.

    My right hand won't pose properly either. My ringer finger nail turns out a bit and my middle finger nail turns in a bit - add that together and my nails look plain wonky!

    Hope your nail grows back quickly!

    1. Haha my hand just doesn't feel natural holding the nail polish this way, hopefully my lefty will be back in action in a few weeks :)

      As for the housework, I'm pretty lucky my other half does more than his fair share around the house :)

  2. Your nails look great! <3

    I feel your pain! I once dropped my phone into my eggnog coffee...hubs dried it out but the ear speacker never worked right again. I could call you, but couldn't hear what you said.

    When you learn new things (like how to pose your right hand & use your camera w/your left) it forges new pathways in your brain & this helps stave off dementia in your old age.

    1. Thanks Inky :) How clumsy are we lol. I love your facts you always come out with too :D

    2. I can't help it! I have a trivial mind that just absorbs random facts. LOL

  3. Oh dear! that's like the sort of thing I'd do!! your right hand looks beautiful though so no worries there xx

  4. Oh yeas it just seems like yesterday when I dropped my phone in water and lost it forever...


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