Come Away With Me

Hello there!

I hope you're all well? Just a quick post from me tonight as I'm prepping for my holiday tomorrow.
Here's the manicure I'll be wearing for a whole week whilst I'm away!

Come Along With Me, Blue My Mind Gradient

This is a subtle gradient of H&M 'Blue My Mind' and H&M 'Come Along With Me' (quite with a spectraflair top coat. I love love love these two polishes and will show you individual swatches when I get back. The application of both was a dream and I'm definitely going to need back ups! Can you see the shimmer in the bottle shot of CAWM above? Beautiful. This gradient kind of reminds me of the sea :)
I can't wait to see the spectraflair in the sunshine, I'm hoping I'll be able to get a photo of it for you as my camera refuses to play at the minute, but it really is flipping awesome shizzle.

I'll be away from the blog for this next week as I've nothing scheduled to post...super unorganised as always, so I will chat to you all then!

See you, bye!

P.S I now have Norah Jones' Come Away With Me stuck in my head-my brain works in mysterious ways. (link to a YouTube source for your listening pleasure)



  1. I *LOVE* Come Along With Me! It caught my eye when I bought a couple of other H&M polishes (which sadly I didn't really like much) but this one is definitely a favourite - it really does work so well in gradients too!

    1. It really is beautiful! I'm loving the H&M polishes I've tried so far :)

  2. I bought Blue My Mind last weekend and have had it on my nails since Sunday night, I love love love it! The gradient is really pretty xxx

    1. Thanks duck! It's definitely one of my favorite polishes to date :) x

  3. Soo pretty! have a great holiday x


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