China Glaze Exotic Encounters

Hello my lovelies!

How are you? I'm back from the sunshine and a much needed break with the Mr. I must say, even though it's only been a week I've missed my nail polish crew (I'm cool so I can say 'crew'). I'm not happy that it's the end of March and it's still god damn snowing though!

However, I'm so proud of myself...I came across an Essence stand on holiday and I didn't buy a single bottle of polish! Considering we can't get Essence here in the UK (that I know of) I reckon that's pretty good going *pats self on back*.

Anyway, I have a NOTD to show you today in the form of China Glaze 'Exotic Encounters'.

I managed to grab a couple of the China Glaze 'On Safari Collection' at my local Sally's on sale thanks to a heads up from some of the girls in my Facebook group. 'Exotic Encounters' was one I had on my 'must buy soon' list so I'm pretty chuffed I got me mits on it.

This is 2 coats of perfect teal creaminess topped with a coat of Essence Better than Gel Nails.

I'll have something a bit more exciting for you this weekend. It just so happens to be my birthday on Sunday so I'll be rocking some birthday nail art (hopefully!).

I'm off to go and pick up my baby (also known as Lucy the Dog) from the in-laws now..oh how I've missed her messy, old man face.

Enjoy the rest of your day. See you bye!

Just look at that face!


  1. What a gorgeous colour! looks amazing on you. I hope you had a lovely holiday. x


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