Remember Me?!


I feel like I've been away for aaages! It's been 9 days I think..oops. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, which isn't a bad thing as it means I've obviously been having too much fun. But seriously, I have been crazy busy recently with work and what not which obviously means blogging just has to take a step back sometimes. 

Soooo, today I have a-England Perceval with some stupidly simple nail art. I wore Perceval yesterday and asked some gals on Instagram for nail art ideas (which I loved) but I just couldn't find my nail-art mojo to do any of them. So instead I added a simple dotted half moon design using a-England Ascalon.

I'm kinda digging it but I do wish I could do some 'real' nail art once in a while. I've been desperately practicing one-stroke nail art but I'm just crap at it. Grrr to my severe lack of art skills. 



  1. Welcome back! this is really pretty! Gorgeous photos!


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