Jindie Nails Mini Haul

Hello Duck heads!! 

How are we today? I have a couple of Jindie Nails swatches to show you today. Quite fancied myself some swatch action after my crazy nail art run (pah!). I bought these back in January and have only now had the time to get these bad boys up.

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*Quick note* My skin looks weird as hell in these photos! Not a clue what happened but hey ho...just thought I'd let you know that I'm aware that I look like an alien*

Burrrberry (I hope I put enough 'r's) has a white/off blue crelly base (creme/jelly hybrid) with loads of purple, blue and pink hex glitter. The glitter pay off with this was immense! I loved the random large hexes that popped up every so often and the formula was spot on. This is 3 easy coats, I haven't a bad word to say about this and I really wished I'd swatched this last  so I could continue wearing it. Nom nom nom.


Candy Land has to be one of the most popular shades in the Jindie Nails collection. I hear fellow polish lovers going mad for this whenever there's a restock and for good reason. It's another white crelly (definitely white this time) with a fairly decent amount of neon hex glitter in various sizes; it really is so different to anything I've ever seen before. The formula was a little difficult to work with; the trick here is to stand the polish upside down for a few minutes between coats to allow the brush to grab onto the glitter. I did a little fishing as well to get the larger hexes out but I think it was definitely worth it. This is 4 coats in total (say whaaaat!?) so it would definitely benefit with layering over a plain white polish if you want to save the preciousness and ease application.

Candy Land
Silent Night is a deep, rich, royal blue jelly. This is again jam-packed full of glitter, this time you get moon, stars, squares and hexes all in a holographic finish. Unfortunately I didn't get any stars or moons in my swatch but I'm sure a bit of a fish would get you some if you really needed them. This went on in a perfect 2 coats, but I put on 3 because I just wanted to keep painting! Haha I'm such a  geek, but I really loved applying this. 

Silent Night

Honey Blue Blue was a surprise winner for me. I'm not usually into pale blue as they just make my skin look all weird but this worked somehow. This is a creme finish with a good amount of blue and green small hex glitter. You're seeing 3 coats here. It went on a little thick at first and kept dragging the previous coat off which miffed me right off, but after 3 coats and some drying time between coats it sorted itself out. Definitely worth the effort.

Honey Blue Blue

All in all I'm really impressed with Jindie Nails polish. If you fancy yourselves some you can purchase from the following links:
Jindie Nails Etsy Store
Llarowe (for international ladies like myself) 

There are Facebook pages and Twitter updates confirming when restocks will be so jump on them if you want to be in the know!

Laters Taters!


  1. I love the first colour! but they all look great!
    luckfashion.blogspot.com xx

  2. All beautiful! and your skin doesn't look bad at all, lovely! I know what it's like trying to photograph skin xx


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