Zoya Blaze

Hello Readers!

I'm back with Zoya Blaze today. Man this polish is a beeeeatch to photograph! It's a deep red kind of jelly-ish with tons of holographic glitter through it, though not as densely packed as Aurora. It's a beautiful polish and is perfect for the winter seasons that it was released for. 

natural daylight

You're looking at 2 coats here with a top coat of Seche Vite. The formula was a little 'nicer' than Aurora in that it didn't need a 3rd coat for full opacity.

with false lighting

As I was swatching this I thought that it might be pretty similar to Essie Leading Lady..it's not. Essie is on my middle finger and Zoya is on my ring finger. 

Essie is a lot deeper shade of red and Zoya has more of a pink tone to it. Dare I say it,  but I think I prefer Essie as it stands out a lot more in real life. The holo effect of Blaze just doesn't pop enough for me unfortunately. It is still a beautiful polish though!



  1. Oh wow, so gorgeous. It has a gel like quality thats just so lovely. great shine too..I cant pick my favorite between the two..
    ;) xx


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