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Hello there!

Yesterday I lacked the inspiration to do anything with my nails. It's freezing cold and snowing here so my hands were looking all red and crappy for most of the day, meaning whatever nail polish I put on just looked awful.
I was having a search through my Instagram photos and came across this little beauty.

How weird that this is my right hand!

I did this back in August/September 2012 when I first started getting into nail polish and started blogging. This is possibly the first skittle mani I've ever done, before I even knew what a skittle mani was...and apparently when I took photos in the shade! So I thought I'd recreate it and see how far I'd come.

Here's my attempt today:

Freezing cold hands!

My stamping still isn't great; I need more practice with it, but my dotting skills have improved and actually painting my nails is a much tidier process now. I'm happy I've improved a little over the 6 months I've been blogging. 
If you're interested, I used Color Club 'New Bohemian' and W7 'White' for this. The stamping plate is BM -221 and the glitter is just some loose glitter that I have in my big box of glitters I never find a use for! 

I've really enjoyed recreating an old mani and I think I'll do a few more whenever I'm lacking inspiration. What do you think?



  1. your nails look amazing, I love the delicate white pattern you've managed! xx

  2. So cute, love the colour combination - and I have to say my fave nail is your stamped one!

    1. Thanks a lot! I just wish the stamp was a little more opaque :)

  3. Fun! What you did here is what we've been doing for Kitchen Sink Saturdays...throwing everything but the kitchen sink at our nails. lol


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