Pink Clouds

Hello Lovely readers,

It is flipping freezing here in the north west of England! We have lots of snow, I'm talking 5 inches of the stuff. Brrr. Not awesome, but we get on with it, kinda.

So anyway, I have some nail art for you today. I've seen lots of these designs floating around and I've really wanted to give it a go myself. I believe this is called a 'cloud design'? Kind of makes sense really! 

Please forgive my very dry hands, winter no like me.

I used Color Club 'Shabby Drab', a-England 'Iseult' and No7 'Me! Me! Me!' and just made it up as I went along. It was pretty quick and easy to do so I definitely want to try more colours with this. 

Also, I am now back to my natural nails, apart from my ring finger which has a tip on it as it's really badly broken, but no more acrylic! Yey!


P.S. Happy Birthday to my Mum!! Also known as Mummy Bear (never too old) 
Love you lots!! xxx


  1. I really like these nails, they are so cute! Happy Birthday to your Mum :D xx

  2. Super gorgeous!! I wish we had more snow here in southern New England -_- lol ill take some of yours! :) and happy birthday to your mum!! :)

  3. Lovely colour combination! Great designs as always!

  4. wow this looks brilliant :) and it's so perfect, you should be proud of yourself!


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