Paint 'em Purple

Hello there.

I have a quick skittle mani for you today. I really fancied doing 'something' with my nails today after all the swatching I've been doing recently. I managed to pick up two bottles of my recently swatched and turn them into a bit of a skittle mani. I know I'm lazy, I could have at least chosen some polishes I haven't used in the last few days. In my defence, I'm very tired today due to crappy work shifts so I hope you can forgive my laziness.

This upside-down-ness confuses my eyes

I used a-England Guinevere and Zoya Aurora with some lilac gems strategically placed on my middle finger. I hope you like it. I actually think this is quite cute (go me!). I do love a good skittle when inspiration is low.



  1. LOVE THIS MANICURE!!! Very cute! I think I'll be adding Guinevere to my wishlist :)

  2. OMG!!! I am in love with this mani! Utterly beautiful <3


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