Flash Cosmic, Cosmic Flash?

Hello Lovely readeroonies!

This is a late one for me as I've been shopping for and building my Helmer today! If you don't know what a Helmer is have a look here. I'm now keeping all my polishes and such in there rather than on shelves as it's much tidier, but now I feel a bit sad as I can't see them all and I feel like I don't have as many as I thought I did! We know how to fix that though :) mahahaha *evil laugh*.

Today I have Maybelline 'Flash Cosmic 840' to show you. I feel like this should be called Cosmic Flash just to make more sense to my ears/eyes/mind. It's an iridescent (is that the right word?), clear glitter topper in clearish mikyish base. Can you tell I don't really know how to describe it! It's a bit of an oldie but it's the first Maybelline polish I've ever owned so I was excited to show you.

I layered one coat of Flash Cosmic over Revlon Black Lingerie and my top coat is Nail Tek Xtra, hence why it's not very shiny. I also tried this over Revlon Grey Suede today but it was so subtle I couldn't even get a decent photo. The photos you see here are under artificial light (also a new purchase that I'm testing out) as it's pitch black from 4pm onwards at the minute! This polish pretty much speaks for itself, it's fit! 


P.S I still hate my nails.


  1. Awww don't worry about your nails, they look 'clean' if you know what I mean.
    And I don't have a Helmer for that exact reason: I want to *see* my polishes! We even keep them in our living room.
    I love the look of those polishes together, it's perfect for these dark days x

  2. Perfect color combo! I love being able to see my polish too for some reason. I really don't know why!

  3. Thanks @fabbynailedit @staniaantoine I do miss not seeing my polish, just means i have to spend more time taking them out and rearranging them haha.


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