The Lazy 15 Challenge Day 14

Hello Lovey readers!

I am majorly late  with this post! One thing lead to another and I found myself cooking a Sunday roast instead of painting my nails. So I'm sorry for the delay. I was going to miss this day but then thought "No! I will not miss a day so close to the end!". Anyway, drama over. Today's (or not) challenge is to be inspired by where you're from. 

I'm from a neighbourhood/village/sub-town/area called Breightmet which is in a town called Bolton, in the North West of England. It rains, a lot. It's not the most beautiful area in the town, nor the most affluent. It's a bit rundown actually and I could hardly say I wanted to live here my whole life. But despite all it's flaws, I love it. It's home! 

So when I thought of doing my design, I initially thought of things that 'remind me' of Bolton; the local football team, pasties (yum), rain, the University, boxing, etc (just google Bolton). But then I was chatting to my sister and she gave me this idea to do a meadow. 
Breightmet was originally named after 'Bright Meadow' and I think that's a much nicer way of thinking of my home town. I used a base of Color Club 'New Bohemian' and the flowers are No7 'Me! Me! Me!'. This isn't the most amazing piece of nail art I've done, but I kind of like its simple look.

So that's my design for today's challenge. Sorry I was late, hopefully I've chatted away enough to make up for it :P



  1. Very cute, love the colours :)

  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

  3. It looks so... clean. Wow. I'll keep this in mind for spring!
    Also, Sunday roasts are always a valid excuse =) x

    1. Thank you! It was the best Sunday Roast ever haha :)

  4. really cute :) check out my blog if you have time!


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