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I feel like I haven't blogged for ages..it's only been 4 days, but still, sorry for the lack of posts this week (work, work, blah blah blah). I really need to get into the habit of scheduling posts rather than missing days on end! Anyway, back to business. 

Today I have a Christmassy glitter gradient to show you. I created this using the tutorial by Lucy at Lucy's Stash (her blog is amazing!). 

Psst..You can see a larger picture by clicking on it!

With Flash

I used Revlon 675 'All Fired Up' for the base and China Glaze 'Pure Joy' for the gradient. This Revlon red has to be THE best red for me ever! I love it. It's so creamy and delicious, the perfect pillar box red in my opinion. Plus it came it a set of 5 other Revlon polishes for a measly £5.99!! Serious bargain. 

This mani was an absolute pain the ass to photograph. Hence why you have two close ups and one crappy full shot. The camera just wouldn't pick up the difference in the red glitter and the red polish...annoying to say the least. 

Despite the photography issues, I really like this gradient effect. I've been wanting to do something with my China Glaze holiday collection for a while so I think this is a good start. 

Let me know whatcha think Dollllsss (I'm shamelessly watching the Kardashians as I blog. Don't judge me).



  1. This is so pretty and Christmassy! <3

  2. very nice indeed..I know how you feel about photographing glitter nail varnishes. I did a glitter nails on a budget post and found it so hard to photograph. My nails were so glittery, I kept twitching my fingers to see them sparkle but just couldnt get the same effect in the photos. So well done you, your nails still look amazing, even if you did have issues :)


  3. That is an awesome red and the glitter just makes it pop so well. Fabulously Xmassy Mani!


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