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Hello there! 
I've finally gotten round to swatching my choices of the Models Own Beetlejuice Collection. I had a bit of a 'mare when they were delivered as one had broken in transit (I assume) so I had to wait for it to be replaced. Anyway drama over now!

I bought Emerald Black, Pinky Brown, Golden Green and Purple Blue. All swatches are 2 coats with no top coat.

More photos after the jump!

Pinky Brown is erm a pinky brown. Haha. I've seen swatches of this here there and everywhere and a few seemed to be able to pick up the shift in colours, I couldn't. For me this was just an equal mixture of pink and brown pigments and didn't really do much for me. I liked the shimmer it had though. Maybe a bit of actual sunshine can pick up the duochrome in this polish.

Purple Blue is more my cup of tea. It's not too dissimilar from pinky brown in the actual texture and look, but it's darker and you can actually see the blue shift in least in the bottle shot anyway! I think it's a more elegant polish than pinky brown.

Golden Green has a smoother, more metallic finish to it. The multichrome is more obvious with this one too. It's not one of my favourites for the pure reason that I don't think it suits my skin tone so I probably won't wear this on its own again. However it is a beautiful polish and I actually prefer it to the other two which I'm more likely to wear again-strange I know.

Emerald Black is my favourite of the bunch. I've saved it till last for that reason. It looks black from afar but up close and under standard day light you can definitely see that it's a dark green. It has a very smooth finish to it and it looks even better with top coat (sorry I was too lazy to apply!). I've worn this a few times since swatching it, I love it so much! 


Do you have any favourites?


  1. Purple blue! WOW I might have to get that! I really like pinky brown lol :P x


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