Fascination Street

Hello there!

I feel like I haven't blogged in so long! I hope you haven't forgotten about me. 
I have Cirque Colors Fascination Street to show you today. This was a present off the other half and I absolutely love it! Cirque is a new indie brand for 2012 and you can find more info on their website where you can also order from.

 Standard indoor lighting (no natural sunlight)

With a flash

The website describes this as 'A vibrant indigo polish with a rainbow holographic finish'. I think that description kind of falls short...it's amazing! The holographic pay off is absolutely stunning.  I can't stop looking at my nails and I'm pretty sure this will be the start of my Cirque obsession. 
It also helps how professional looking there website and packaging is. I know that shouldn't matter, but for me it makes it feel even more special and sort of luxurious. 

As a side note, apologies for my 'nubs'. I had to cut them all down and I have a split in my ring finger nail so they're not looking good at all. I'm applying strengthening polishes like there's no tomorrow, so with any luck they'll look half-decent in a couple of weeks!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/holiday.



  1. This polish is amazing! Cirque does holos so impeccably!

  2. Replies
    1. Tell me about it! Even in the dull English weather it looks amazing :)

  3. Very pretty, holographic things are so moreish!


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