The Lazy 15 Challenge Day 13

Hello Lovely Jubblies!

Today's challenge is all about your 'guilty pleasures'. At first I was all up on my high horse thinking I didn't have any guilty pleasures and then I swiftly stepped down when I realised that, in fact, I have quite a serious guilty pleasure that is verging on addiction! 

My guilty pleasure is shopping. Shopping of any sort, but internet shopping is the best. When you feel joy at those parcels being delivered through the door, then hide said parcels (or pretend you've had them for aaaages!) because you really can't afford to be buying those shoes or that other shade of black polish...I think you know where I'm coming from here.

So, I saw a pretty awesome post from Emma at Globe & Nail the other day and immediately wanted to try and do it myself. I think this was bob on for today's challenge.

That's basically me going mental with my purse.

I used OPI 'My Boyfriend Scales Walls' and Color Club nail art pens for the rest.

If you haven't read the post that started this at Hyperbole and a Half  then you should, it's hilarious and oh so true!

So that's my design for today. I'm under no illusion that Emma's was unbelievably better than mine, but I think I gave it a good try and I'm actually happy with today's challenge!

Don't forget to check out everyone else's designs, have a nice weekend!



  1. OMG LOVE THESE! I just realized I have another guilty pleasure... shopping -_- Thanks for pointing that out to me LOL! Amazing nails!! :D


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