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So as a few of you know I've been a tad busy this last couple of weeks and the reasoning behind this, apart from general life, is because I was asked by a new brand called Punky Princess to start a guest blog for them. Punky Princess is a young girl's online community for quizzes, beauty, games, products and advice (as long as other bits I've probably missed) so I've been putting a few man hours into this.

It started with this mani for their opening exhibition show:

(how my photography skills have improved since!)

So basically I'll be doing a few posts for them starting with basics and gradually moving onto more 'difficult' manicure designs. I do NOT claim to be an expert in the nail world by a long stretch, but I've learnt a few things and there's certainly no harm in passing it on. Plus it's nice to be involved in other projects too.

The website is mainly aimed at girls around 8-14yrs old, so the reason I'm telling you guys this is so that if you have any younger sisters, daughters, nieces, granddaughters etc, you can pass it on to them if you think it's something they might be interested in. Lets get the little ones polishing too! 

I'm going to attempt to link the posts up with my blog but I've not figured out how I'm going to do this yet (maybe a new page, not sure).

So that's it! It's all very exciting for me at the minute and I hope I'll still be able to find enough time to actually blog, there are never enough hours in the day. 
I'm sure I'll manage :P



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