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Hello lovely readers! 

Whilst  I'm working a crazy shift pattern this week, the lovely Natalia from cats-n-nails has very kindly done a guest post for me. Here she is, I'm sure you'll love her winter inspired design, I know I do!


Winter Patterns

Thanks for having me over Danielle!

While we are feeling the heat Down Under, it’s easy to forget that most of the world is snuggling into cold weather gear and getting their socks and scarves on. This was the inspiration for my designs: argyle and plaid. Hope you like how it turned out.

Freehand is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I am never going to get better if I don’t practice! I started with a base of Savvy Grapetini, then added the “hour glass” using Face of Australia Ocean Villa; the outlines I did with a silver and black striper. This was a fun design to create, because there are so many different colour possibilities!!!

And here is my take on plaid:

For the base I used FoA Ocean Villa (I wanted the designs to “go together” for this post, so I kept one colour the same) and a silver and black striper. This is a super easy pattern and I think I will sport this more often now that I tried it! Perfect for the holidays in the classic version of green, red and gold.

Once again, thanks to Danielle for being so patient with me!! And I hope you stop by my blog sometime. All the best for the holiday season – stay warm!



  1. Thanks Danielle - I'll put a link on the blog too!

  2. I love the colors used, great job on the plaid! Looks very nice and cozy!

  3. Beautiful designs! I love them all :D


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