China Glaze Christmas Mini Set

Hello lovely readers. 

Today I'm going to be showing you some swatches of the China Glaze mini gift set I picked up yesterday. This is my first China Glaze purchase and product-wise I'm pretty happy with them, I'm a bit gutted about the colours though; but more of that in a sec. This post is word and picture heavy!

Here's the set I picked up:

The set included Pure Joy, Glitter All the Way, Angel Wings and Champagne Kisses. They come in 9.6ml bottles in a card board holder thingy (I threw it away so no pic). 

On first glance I really liked all of these colours, especially Pure Joy as I don't own any other red glitters. However, when I started swatching these I completely changed my mind about liking Angel Wings and Champagne Kisses. They just did not suit my skin tone and I very rarely wear gold jewelry for this exact reason. I'll start by showing you these two so we can get the disappointing ones out of the way.

All swatches are 2 coats over a clear base (Essie Grow Stronger) and no top coat.

Angel Wings:

For some reason it looks like there are bald patches on my nails, but I can assure you there wasn't. Two coats was just about enough to make this opaque enough to wear alone. If I was to wear this again I'd probably just wear one coat over a nude or red base, maybe even a teal green. Application wise, it was easy to apply as the glitters in this are really small so there's no need for the dabbing method. 
There are little flecks of holo in there which make it really pretty in the sunshine (I tried to show you this but my camera wasn't playing) and it has a slight green base to it. I think I'll try wearing this when I have a tan as my pinky/pale hands don't do anything for this polish!

Moving on..

Champagne Kisses:

This is more of a true gold-glitter than Angel Wings. It has much more of a pink undertone to it and has a tiny bit of holo, but not enough to really mention to be honest. I suppose you could describe it as rose-gold. This was the same as Angel Wings in application. If I had the choice, I think i'd choose this over Angel Wings as it feels like a more sophisticated gold glitter and really screams Christmas. I think this would look lovely layered or as nail art with black maybe, but I'm still not crazy about it as it just doesn't suit me. 

I hope my opinions change about these two as I really want to like them!

Next up is Glitter All the Way:

This is much more my cup of tea. Its a crazy mix of a gazillion different coloured glitters in a clear base. There is LOTS of glitter in here. It applied brilliantly with super-full coverage. Again I think this would look amazing over a coloured base. At first I thought this was going to be really similar to my W7 Multi Dazzle, but it's completely different as there's much more purple in this one and the glitter pieces are a lot smaller. This is a keeper for me, a definite party polish.

Last but not least is Pure Joy:

This is the one polish I had trouble applying. It needed more dabbing than the others and didn't look as tidy when it was on (just check out the rough edges). Colour-wise this is perfect for Christmas; lots of small red glitters with a handful of gold thrown in a clear base. I think I'd wear this over a bright red next time to really help it pop and neaten those cuticles up, but it more than stands up for itself with two coats. This one also looks like I have bald spots but it's just my camera being rubbish!  

Overall, the polishes I got in this set are perfect for Christmas. I can't blame China Glaze for my gold-hating skin tone! Maybe I'll pass Angel Wings on to a friend :) They all have great formulas and apply easy enough (removal is a whole other story). 
I really wish I'd gotten Winter Holly in this set instead of one of the gold shades. I just don't think there's any need for two similar polishes in a set, but for £7.00ish I really shouldn't complain!

What's your favourite shade from the holiday joy collection?



  1. I wasn't sure about getting these but after seeing your swatches I changed my mind I love Pure joy! Great swatches :D

    1. Thank you! Pure Joy is definitely a must have christmas polish :)

  2. These are all so beautiful! I picked up Angel Wings and.... Glistening Snow I believe lol but I haven't swatched them yet. I still think Angel Wings and Champagne Kisses look pretty you have such amazing swatches! And wow I didn't think I'd like Glitter all the Way but it really surprised me it looks awesome! I'm still ehhh on Pure Joy I'm not big on red and gold glitters it is really pretty and your swatch is awesome but it's not my cup of tea! LOL I can imagine all of these were a bear to remove tho? Unless you do the glue method which I still need to try :) Overall all of your swatches are perfect!! ^.^

    1. Thank you :) I've yet to try the glue method but it's gonna be a must over xmas with so many glitter polishes! I had to use the foil method :/ I picked up Glistening snow too but ended up buying fairy dust instead as it has more of a holo to it which i preferred. I'd Love to see your swatch of GS though! x

    2. I'm hoping to getting around and swatching them some time before Christmas -_- Haha but I thought Glistening Snow and Fairy Dust looked wicked similar but someone told me that Glistening Snow is more opaque then Fairy Dust... I don't have both so I don't actually know lol but you should totally swatch Fairy Dust so we can find out! ;)

    3. Yeah I heard that glistening snow was more opaque too! I may swatch it tomorrow if I have time :D it looks like it'll be a nice top coater x

  3. Gah I need glitter in the air, In fact I need them all. Gorgeous Christmas glitters, how could I say no!

    Jazz x

    1. Thanks Jazz, These will be perfect for your glitter infatuation :D x


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