Webbed Fingers?!

Good Morning Readers!

Firstly, sorry about the terrible Post Title; trying to think of something witty didn't really work haha.

Today marks the first day of my Halloween Manis. I really enjoyed doing this design, it turned out pretty much how I wanted it to, give or take a few wiggly lines. 

I started with a gradient of W7 'Graphite' and A-England 'Perceval' and I actually really like this combination as it is. But this wouldn't be very Halloweeny on it's own so..

...I added some spider webs using a black nail art brush from Color Club.

I then added some glitter to make it pop a bit, and because everything looks that bit better with added glitter. This particular one is NYC 'Lights-Camera-Glitter'

I hope you like it! 

Enjoy your Monday



  1. Gorgeous! perfect halloween nail art!

    Jazz x

  2. Very cool - you've got a very steady hand, I've been trying to draw cobwebs for about 5 days now and failed miserably!!! Caroline x


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