Essie Lollipop

Hello there lovely readers.

I have a Simple Sunday Mani for you today. I picked up three Essie polishes in a 'set' from TKMaxx the other day for under a tenner! Absolute bargain when one bottle goes for £8.00 in Boots. TKMaxx is now my go to for picking up cheap Essie's, Nails Inc, and Sally Hansen. They aren't necessarily 'old' shades either so don't let it put you off checking them out.

I decided on just wearing Lollipop on it's own today. I feel like I haven't worn red in soooo long and it used to be my go-to shade before I really got into nails.

It's such a sweet looking, candy red (and is described as candy-red on their website) and really easy to wear. I love it. The other two shades I got were Marshmallow and Bordeaux yummy :)

I've had such a nice relaxing Sunday watching Felix Baumgartner complete the free-fall from space (absolutely amazing) and messing around on Photoshop-check my sexy curved watermark; next stop, Header Town!

I hope you've had an equally as relaxing Sunday.

Enjoy your week!



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