31 Day Challenge Day 21. Inspired by a Colour

Hello lovely readers!

I bet you thought I'd abandoned this challenge. I thought I had too and to be honest I doubt I'm going to finish it as I just can't find the time! Today has been the MOTHER of all bad manicure days. Honestly,if I wasn't have major staining issues it was smudging issues and  I was *this close* to screaming, but I chilled out a bit and decided that sometimes you just aren't gonna win.

So this day of the challenge confuses me. Am I supposed to use a colour I love? A colour I just so happened to notice on something? I don't get it if I'm honest, so I decided to just use a colour I hadn't tried before and add a little stamping on it. Maybe this is a huge cheat and not at all what the challenge wanted but there you go.

You may notice that my nails have miraculously grown! But they haven't :( I'm currently on an acrylic nail course so what you see here are acrylics (and some poorly cuticles due to an attack of the file!) and that's also the reason I've been quiet on the blog this week!

Here's the smudging culprit! Right after I applied a top coat all hell broke loose. 

Okay, I'm exaggerating but you get the idea. I'm happy with the overall look itself so I'll definitely give this another bash when I'm a little less irate. I used FCUK as the base (it has no name so we'll call it 'metallic silver') and Bundle Monster Plate 209 with Collection 2000 Liqourice for the laced pattern.

So there's my interpretation of Day 21. Sorry for moaning at you, thumbs up if you stuck around! :)

Enjoy your week!!



  1. Gorgeous! Everyone has a bad smudge day sometime :)


    1. Thanks Jazz! It was one of those days were all my manis went wrong haha.
      Better luck tomorrow hopefully :)


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