W7 Swatch...finally

My W7 polishes are finally with me. I actually couldn't remember what colours I'd ordered so they were a bit of a surprise.

Left to Right:
Cosmic Mauve
Neon Blue
Blue Dazzle
Multi Dazzle
Roast Chestnut

Here's what they look like on:

I put the Blue Dazzle over George 'No.71 Boom', the Cosmic Mauve over Angelica 'Palma Violet', and the Multi Dazzle over Barry M 'Raspberry'.

I love the Multi Dazzle. It contains green,blue,red,gold,purple and silver hex glitters of different sizes and looks so pretty, especially over white.

Multi Dazzle over Rimmel 'French White'

I had to used the 'dab' technique to get decent coverage from the Dazzle shades rather than paint them on like regular polish. The Blue Dazzle is going to be a firm favourite around Christmas (yes the dreaded 'C' word has made an appearance!)

The Blue Neon is my least favourite. I don't think there is anything 'neon' about it and I have much better blues in my collection. The Roast Chestnut is very apt for Autumn and has a really subtle gold shimmer to it; much nicer to look at than if it was a 'flat' brown shade.

The Cosmic Mauve is neither here nor there for me. It's cute but I find it a bit too girly to wear all over. This will probably be shade I wear just on the tips of my nails.

So, that's my collection. I bought these from Nail Polish Direct and each polish was a mere £1.95. At the time of buying I received a free top coat too which you can never have enough of, plus I love a good freebie!

Sorry for waffling on!

What's your favourite W7 shade?



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