Umberto Giannini. Painted Lady Swatch

So I just went on a bit of a splurge in Boots and bought three nail polish sets that have just arrived for Christmas. 
Now, if you're anything like me you like a good bargain and the sets I bought were a steal. They have a 3for2 offer on over most gift sets and I ended up with 28 nail polishes for £28-you do the maths!

I'm just going to show you one of the polish sets for now as they've really surprised me at how good they are...the Umberto Giannini Glaminks 'Painted Lady' set (£12.00 at Boots). Their names are very Ye Olde England, and all reflect the shades beautifully.

*Warning- Serious photo usage*

Here's the set in full:

Lady Luscious, Lady Violetta, Lady Love, Lady Stellar, Lady Gilt, Lady Cloudia.

Now the swatches...(I did warn you!)

Lady Love:

I tried so show as close to the actual colour as possible here. I would say the first photo is more true-to-life, it has a slight pink tinge to it. This was so easy to apply, you could easily get away with one coat but I applied two just to be sure. This is now my new favourite nude shade (move over No7). Love!

Next up is Lady Cloudia:

This is just as sweet in the application as Lady Love, but again I applied two coats for mega-full coverage. It's a steel grey/grey-blue shade. It looks a lot like OPI 'Nein! Nein! Nein!' but slightly lighter (and waaay cheaper). Its quite a dull shade so I'd brighten it up with a bit of nail art to get it going.

Lady Luscious:

This is a perfect party polish. It can be worn alone (give it 2 thick coats) or over Lady Love as I've done here. That way it only needs one coat and you can quickly apply it if you're already wearing the  nude shade. As with all glittery polishes, it's a pain to remove but other than that, it's a really nice fine, gold glitter.

Lady Violetta:

Lady Violetta is deep plum shade, perfect for Autumn. This isn't as opaque as the previous  polishes and needs 2 thick coats for full coverage, but it doesn't claim to cover in one. I don't really know what else to say about this. It's one of those shades that always appears around this time of year and never fails to impress.

Lady Gilt:

This again needs two coats for full coverage on plain nails as I've done here. If you wanted to put it over another shade, I'd go for a deep red-brown polish as it already has these undertones rocking. I think this would also look great using it as its namesake implies and applying it to look like gold gilt. Maybe I'll try this one day!

And last but not least,

Lady Stellar:

This is a grey-black glitter and has a subtle silver shimmer to it. It needs two coats and would look best over a black polish to really help the glitter stand out. It's subtle enough for everyday wear. I'm not sure it's quite sparkly enough to wear for a party night, but it all depends on how much sparkle you like. For me it's all or nothing!

All in all I'd recommend this set for a gift or a treat for yourself. It's definitely worth the £12 price tag and the polishes are all subtle enough to take you way past the Christmas party season and into the new year. 

And that's it! If you made it this far you deserve an award. Thanks for sticking with it :)



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