New Bundle

I received my first ever bundle monster pack the other day but haven't had much time to try it out yet. 
I bought the plates off Amazon for £16.99 and stamp was also Amazon for £5.00
There are 25 plates, each with around 4 or 5 designs on. I think I'll get my monies worth!

I have managed to sample the 'zebra print' design (Plate BM223).

Black-Barry M
Silver- W7

I made a bit of a mess doing this so I recommend setting everything up on a surface you can either throw away (news paper, etc) or a surface you don't mind getting covered in polish. I found the design stamped better when I cleaned the plate after each use, just using polish remover. 

I need a LOT more practice with these, but I'm looking forward to finally being able to create designs that I've been struggling with in the past.

Do you have any tips for flawless stamping?



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