31 Day Challenge. Day 13 Animal Print


I've been looking forward to this part of the challenge. Anybody who knows me will tell you how much I love Giraffes. I swear I was one in a former life, I have the long, gangly limbs anyway :)

 Fuzzy Macro photos!

Little cutie! (He's called Gerry if you were wondering)

I was going to use a BM Plate for the print but decided that was a bit of a cheat so hand painted it instead. I think it looks better than the stamping as it's a bit more realistic. What giraffe has a perfectly symmetrical print!?

I used Collection 'Lemon Soda', W7 'Roast Chestnut', W7 'White', George 'Cloudless Sky' and Collection 'Liquorice'.

I hope you like 



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