Welcome to my Blog.

I'm twenty-something years old and enjoy all the typical 'girly' things in life. 
I spend my day stuck in an office and my evenings driving my fella insane with the constant smells of polish and acetone and the badgering of "which colour shall I wear next!?" (poor guy).

I've recently started reading blogs about nails, beauty, clothes, etc and figured 'why not give it a go myself?' I don't claim to be anything like a fashionista or a professional nail-techie (but I quite fancy myself to be one day) so I guess this is a bit of me documenting my learning and findings and hoping I can pass some inspiration on to you guys.

So here it is. My life in pictures and a few words chucked in for good measure.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy posting :)



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